Thursday, 11 August 2016

Clarification on 7th CPC regarding Jan Increment after consulting with Chief accounts officer, AP circle

1.Jan Increment applied to official s appointed after 1/1/2015 only I.e no increment drawn before 1/1/16

2. Regarding option for implementation of new pay : for any subsequent increment we can opt I.e for 7/2017 or 7/2018 etc . This is very benefit to the officials who will get 2ND MAPC in near future. Subject to benchmark very good for last 5 years

3.The officials who got MACP between Jan and June may opt for January.

Sivaji Vasireddy, Circle Secretary, NUPE gr c AP circle


MACP-II: Seeking Clarification: Urgent

There is so many confusion regarding Pay Fixation for the officials who have got MACP between 01/01/2016 and Date of 7th CPC notification. Clarification requested in this regard, please share your views in below comment boxes or email to :

Shared by: Shri.  Debabrata Roy System Admin, DOP

7th CPC Arrear calculator for Accounts Branch in Head Office - updated 11.08.16 15.07 newer version

Whats New?

All the errors are correctly rectified
The tool is modified. HRA & TA rate as per city available.
new criteria added such as ,
1. automatic fetch the grade pay in dataentry sheet
2. HO Name Modification in Service Book format
It is prepared for use in Account Branch. Its strength is 256 Employee.

  1. You can keep data or calculate arrear for 256 employees at a time.
  2. Right choice for selecting Option 1 and Option 2 is given.
  3. You can print out your arrear slip
  4. you can print 7th cpc general doc to be pasted on service book 1
  5. You can filter every category. such as"- designation wise, pay band wise, grade pay wise, option 1 wise, option 2 wise.
  6. situation of your pay in the pay matrix.
  7. pay fixation in january 1, july 01 is properly elaborated in pay slip.

  • Data entry: enter employee , name, pay band, basic pay, grade pay, designation
  • Arrear report : show all report month wise
  • Pay slip : show report for single report
  • Format for service book: useful for pasting the doc in service book.

Thanks to Anantacharan Sahoo

Click below link to download the attachment : Download

Calculate what your exact 7th CPC pension would be - Govt released calculators for pensioners

The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions on August 4 notified acceptance of the 7th pay panel's recommendations for the pensioners.
The ceiling of gratuity has also been enhanced from the existing Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. The Commission had also recommended the ceiling on gratuity to be raised by 25 percent whenever Dearness Allowance rises by 50 per cent, a proposal which has been accepted by the government.

Calculate your exact pension as per 7th Pay Commission notification, using below mentioned calculator.

(Applicable to post-1996 & pre-2006 civil pensioners)
(Applicable to post-2006 civil pensioners)

Option Form for Postal Assistant/Shorting Assistant having Basic Pay 11860 on 01 Jan 2016

Dear PA / SA whose basic pay is 11860 on 01 Jan 2016. Have you filled option form? If no then it is better to know which column is more beneficial and which should be scored out in option form. Lets see the calculation then we thing to fill option form

7th Pay From 01/01/2016
7th Pay From 01/07/2016
Pay + Pay Band
After one Increment 3% of 11860 = 12220
Multiply by Fitment Factor
11860 * 2.57 = 30480.20
12220 * 2.57 = 31405.40
As per Pay Matrix
Increment 3 %
Already availed
Current Pay Matrix

Now the conclusion comes out that you should opt 7th pay from 01.07.2016. This is more beneficial in your future increment and MACPs. Although you have lose of 6 month arrears but which can be covered in some next month.

Thanks to
Shri. Rajendra Meena
Rajasthan Circle
Jaipur - 302004

MACP-II: Most beneficial Option

The details of MACP fixation options to be supersized by the officials of respective category in order to get 7th CPC effect in Revised Pay Scale, in the light of 7th CPC Gazette Report & Noble Concept of MACP have been analyzed and displayed below

Himadri Dev, SA, DOP